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Table 2 CTL epitopes conserved among HIV-1 proteomes

From: Elicitation from virus-naive individuals of cytotoxic T lymphocytes directed against conserved HIV-1 epitopes

EPITOPE C-(1) Source (2) Position (3) HLA I Restriction (4) Predicted HLA I Restriction (5) PPC(6)
SPRTLNAWV K GAG:p24 148–156:16–24 B0702 B0702 B3501 B5101 B5102 B5103 B5301 B5401 B5502 0.35
AVFIHNFKR K POL:Integrase 894–902:179–187 A0301 A0301 A1101 A3101 A3301 A6601 A6801 0.35
TLFCASDAK A ENV:gp160 51–59 A0301 A0301 A1101 A3101 A3301 A6801 0.32
FPVRPQVPL R NEF 68–76 B3501 A2902 B0702 B3501 B5101 B5102 B5103 B5301 B5401 0.32
RAMASDFNL P POL:Integrase 735–743:20–28 A0201 A0201 B2709 C0304 0.31
TLNAWVKVI E GAG:p24 151–159:19–27 A0201 A0201 A0202 A0203 A0204 A0206 0.29
VIYQYMDDL Y POL: Reverse Transcriptase 334–342:179–187 A0201 A0201 A0205 A0207 A0214 0.28
LVGPTPVNI I POL:Protease 132–140:76–84 A0201 A0201 A0202 A0205 A0209 B1501 B1516 0.27
TVLDVGDAY F POL: Reverse Transcriptase 262–270:107–115 B3501 B1501 B3501 B5701 C0304 0.26
PLVKLWYQL E POL: Reverse Transcriptase 576–584:421–429 A0201 A0201 A0202 A0203 0.26
TLNFPISPI E POL: Protease 152–160:96–1004   A0201 A0207 0.23
NTPVFAIKK K POL: Reverse Transcriptase 212–220:57–65 A0301 A0301 A6601 C0102 0.22
EKEGKISKI G POL: Reverse Transcriptase 197–205:42–50 B5101 B2701 B3801 B39011 B3909 B4402 B5101 B8 0.19
LLWKGEGAV V POL: Reverse Transcriptase 956–964:241–249 A0201 A0201 A0204 A0205 A0209 0.18
LTFGWCFKL V NEF 137–145 A0201 A0201 0.18
YQYMDDLYV G POL: Reverse Transcriptase 336–344:181–189 A0201 A0201 0.18
GPKVKQWPL T POL: Reverse Transcriptase 173–181:18–26 B0801 B0702 B0801 B3501 B8 0.17
RAIEAQQHL L ENV:gp41 557–565:46–54 B5101 B1501 C0304 B1501 B1517 B5101 C0304 0.13
GLNKIVRMY S GAG:p24 269–277:137–145 B1501 A0203 A1 B1501 0.13
YFPDWQNYT P NEF 120–128 A1 B3701 B5701 A1 B3701 B5701 0.07
WYIKIFIMI V ENV:gp41 680–688:680–688 A2402 A0203 A0206 A2402 0.05
YVDRFFKTL R GAG:p24 296–304:164–172 A2601 A0203 A0204 A0207 A2601 B3801 0.05
FVNTPPLVK L POL: Reverse Transcriptase 571–579:416–424 A1101 A1101 0.05
KIQNFRVYY R POL:Integrase 934–942:219–227 A3002 A1 A3002 0.03
DRFFKTLRA E GAG:p24 298–306:166–174 B1402 B1402 B2701 B2702 B2703 B2704 B2705 B2709 0.03
  1. 1) Most proximal C-terminal flanking amino acid residue to the epitope
  2. 2) HIV-1 ORF
  3. 3) Position in mature protein.
  4. 4) HLA-1 restriction of the epitope as retrieved from the Los Alamos HIV database
  5. 5) Predicted HLA-1 binding profiles of epitopes were obtained using PSSMs [16].
  6. 6) Protection Population Coverage (PPC) was computed for 5 ethnic groups (Black, Caucasian, Hispanic, North American Natives and Asian) in the USA population. Each PPC value shown in the table is that of the ethnic group with the lowest PPC for that specific HLA I combination.